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Tech Support - All of the information provided here is free and there is no registration required. On the left toolbar is an internal site search feature that helps quickly access information located in the blog and document archives. Most of the tools listed on this page are completely free to download and to use. Please review the helpful suggestions listed down the right hand side of the page.

Disclaimer - The information contained on this page will fix lots of things that could be wrong with your computer.  The same information could also cause your system to crash.  As a technician, I have seen cases where a fix for one system will not provide the same results on another system.  Every computer is different.  I have provided this information to help relieve some of the frustration from the garbage that breaks one of our most expensive toys, a personal computer.  I assume no responsibility for any damage that may or may not be caused by these recommendations (or by you not following the directions correctly).  These tools do work and have worked for me just fine.  Thank you and good luck! - Tech Support -

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Tech Support Monday
January 25, 2021

Technical ( Tech ) advice

Quick & Dirty
Clean your computer. It gets dirty and needs to be cleaned. Yes, inside too, but I'm talking about all that crud from advertisements and playing online.

Delete the temp files. Manually update your antivirus and adware scanner software. Scan for adware and viruses. If anything is found, clean it and scan again. Continue scanning until nothing bad is found.

Manually apply any critical Windows updates. Repeat updating and rebooting until all are applied.

Repeat in a few months or as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary. That's about it. Get this stuff done and your computer will whistle while it works ! :) .. well, maybe you'll whistle .. or i'm sure something somewhere will make some noise :)

protecting your data is much easier (and cheaper) than recreating it


I often make the comment if you don't have a copy, it's not that important. This is a hard thing to say, but even harder to hear. Especially after data has been lost.
Back up your data! This point can not be stressed enough. A back up is simply a safe copy. It doesn't matter if it's on floppy diskette or some complicated online service. Just make sure you have one. And make sure it works too ! Try pulling some data from it for testing to make sure you can get to the copies in the event something happens to the originals.

Keep in mind that every hard drive will crash given enough time.

UPS (Battery backup) units allow your computer to keep running during brief power outages. They can also have your computer shut down safely in the event of an extended power outage.

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